So, about those photos….

mamie me bone

Mamie & Denise

I’ve been asked repeatedly why I didn’t identify all the people in the photographs. I decided that it was easier to get photo releases from everybody if I didn’t put names in the book. I was afraid some people would be uncomfortable with their names in the book, but wouldn’t mind an unidentified photo.

Since you asked, I guess I’ll identify some. I’ll start with myself.

This is a photo I found in my baby book, identified as “Things Denise likes at 1 year — chewing on bones.” I think I liked sitting in Mamie’s lap chewing on bones. Mamie was my grandmother, Mirza Trist LaBiche. She lived from 1907 until 1998. She was a great cook, and people remember her for her Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce (in the book) and her Stuffed Artichokes (also in the book), among many other things. She loved Fruit Cake (yes, that too is in the book) and she and I would get together each year and bake them for ourselves and for other People Who Love Fruit Cake. I still make fruit cakes every year, and think of her when I’m doing so. The list of People Who Love Fruit Cake has grown a lot over the years.

See more cookbook photos, a list of all of the recipes or order the Cafe Sassone cookbook at

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